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We do this to educate you with the intricacies of using this powerful tool so you can use them safely. Although the chainsaw is a very useful tool, we do not underestimate its power and the risk associated with it. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to help you understand the technical and safety features of this powerful tool. 

What we offer on our website


With so many models and types of chainsaws on the market, finding the right tool can be a challenge. An overenthusiastic salesperson at the counter does not make it any easier. 

This is the reason why publish reviews and dissect the pros and cons of each chainsaw. These are not just your regular reviews on the internet. We first collect the data about the brands as well as the different models. Next, we analyze the data, compare them and put them through rigorous testing in a real-life environment. It is only then we publish our reviews. 

The reviews on our website are one of the most comprehensive you can find anywhere on the internet.

2.Expert inputs

Our reviews are not limited to us testing the chainsaws in real-life. We bring in industry experts who are the best in the business, and they give their independent input in the reviews. 

Our customers who have been using the chainsaw for decades are no less experienced in their fields. We also invite them to input their personal experiences with us. 

3.Best prices

The chainsaw, as well as the accessories, are not the cheapest among the power tools. Which is why making a faulty purchase can be disappointing as well as expensive.

We offer tips and advice on how you can make the best purchase within your budget. Be sure to check the buying guide sections on our reviews to make your purchase easy and effortless.

4.Accessories review

Of course, we do not limit ourselves to the chainsaws in our reviews. We have a dedicated section for accessory reviews which include chains, sharpeners, gloves, helmet and chaps, among others.


We also include separate tutorials on topics such as, how to operate a chainsaw safely, how to cut logs, how to measure a chainsaw bar, how to clean a chainsaw and many others. 

These tutorials are aimed at familiarizing you with the safety features and technical aspects of the tool. However, as a disclaimer, we always remind our readers that these tutorials are not a substitute for proper chainsaw training.  

Our mission

Our mission at is to educate our readers and customers with safety practices, technical aspects, and how to use the tool safely. We also aim to equip you with knowledge about how to purchase the best chainsaw that suits your needs and do so at the best price.