Top 5 Best Chainsaw Gloves in 2020 Review

Your hands make or break your position in a group where physical strength is the scale to measure your efficiency. Even if you are not part of some physical strength testing regime, parting ways with your hands is something no one can think of. It is impossible to count how many times you use your hands daily. Hence, the need for their protection needs no other argument. 

Keeping your hands protected from potential harm should be your main concern whenever you work in a sensitive environment. Not only your hands, but your whole body should also be covered with some protective gear.

Working with a chainsaw and other similar tools is dangerous and extreme caution is recommended by experts of the related fields. That is why you need protective gloves that can help your hands resist mild cuts and rashes.

5 Best Chainsaw Gloves Review

A pair of durable and efficient protective chainsaw gloves can assist you in your adventurous escapades in your workshop. We have listed the top 5 best chainsaw gloves below that guarantee the utmost protection for your hands:

Husqvarna Functional Saw Protection Gloves


  • Cut Resistant: A protective garment for sharp objects won’t be of any good if it can’t resist mild cuts. Hence, Husqvarna’s cut resistant technology is praised by many. It protects your left hand from getting damage in case of a mishap or accident in your workplace.

    You might wonder why only the fabric of the left-hand glove is cut resistant? Most people who are right-handed use their favored hand to hold the chainsaw while their left-hand stays close to the blade. That is why manufacturers give an extra layer of protection to your left -hand.
  • Use of Goatskin: Goatskin is a lightweight material that ensures comfortable wear when used in your protective gloves. It allows your hand to breathe without getting sweaty. Furthermore, its elastic nature enhances your hand’s mobility and its increased durability makes it last longer.

    Husqvarna uses goatskin to fashion the palm of their gloves. By doing this they guarantee that not only their gloves will last longer but will be a comfortable choice to work with as well. 
  • Spandex Production: Husqvarna uses spandex for the production of gloves. Spandex has the same traits as that of goatskin but with increased elasticity. It leaves room for perspiration just like in goatskin and is durable as well as lightweight. 


  • Brighter Design: Most people will feel that the design and colors used for the gloves hold no value as the purpose of the gloves is to provide protection. But brighter gloves can help you navigate in your workshop without any reservations. Husqvarna uses bright colors in almost all of their protective gloves’ designs. You can rest assured that you won’t be chopping off your hand just because you couldn’t see it. 
  • Comfortable fit: Goatskin and spandex make sure that your hand is snuggled in the glove without slipping out of it. Both these materials used in gloves’ production ensure not only a perfect fit for your hand but comfortable wear as well. 


Husqvarna is designed to meet your most basic needs while dealing with sharp objects. Its uses are much more diverse than just being used for working with a chainsaw.

Youngstown Glove Company 09-9083-10-L Titan XT


  • Use of Kevlar: Kevlar is a synthetic material that can withstand varying degrees of heat. It is lightweight and allows a certain range of flexibility when worn. Youngstown has lined Titan XT with Kevlar fiber completely from fingers to cuffs. Aside from withstanding the heat and enhancing the durability of Titan XT, it also protects your hands from sudden cuts and punctures.
  • Impact Protection: The use of Kevlar in the gloves’ manufacturing coupled with TPR framing on your fingers can protect your hands from sudden impacts. If your gloved hand encounters a hard surface suddenly then you can rest assured that your hand will feel the minimum brute of the impact.
  • Anti-vibration Technology: The technology used to fashion Titan XT doesn’t let your hand feel the buzz and vibration of the machine you are using. Your hands won’t waver while reaching your target just because of the buzz of the chainsaw you are using. 
  • Finger Mobility & Protection: Youngstown has paid extra mind to the movement of your fingers, hence the use of TPR covering in their gloves’ design. These covers are fixed on your fingers in such a way that your knuckles can withstand heavy impacts without being crushed. Moreover, your hand’s flexibility and deftness won’t be compromised one bit. 


  • Multiple Hand Sizes: Finding the right-sized gloves for your hands is daunting on most days but Youngstown has made it easy. They have Titan XT in not only in conventional (small, medium, large) sizes but in three other sizes as well.
  • Durable & Strong: The combination of the right materials like Kevlar and TPR and the right manufacturing technology has ensured the durability of the Titan XT. Youngstown has reinforced non-slip grip in Titan XT’s design as well as guaranteed coziness by using EVA foam in its production. 
  • Visible under Dim lights: Titan XT has 3M Scotchlite incorporated in its design that makes it visible even in dim light. 


No matter how big or small your hands are, Youngstown can be used by anyone because of its wide range in sizes. The use of Kevlar and goatskin give Titan XT incredible durability and flexibility. Furthermore, you can easily use it in a dark environment because of its illuminated design.

Endura Chainsaw Gloves


  • Enhanced Kevlar Lining: Endura took their customers’ safety seriously and guaranteed an extreme level of protection by lining their gloves with Kevlar eight times. Impressive, isn’t it?

    As stated earlier, Kevlar is an exceptional synthesized fiber that can withstand not only heat but punctures and mild chainsaw cuts as well. 
  • Certified Cut Resistance: To elaborate further on Endura’s cut resistance, it is important to mention its certification for meeting EN 381: 199 Class 0 related to chainsaw cuts. This means the use of Kevlar like this guarantees that your gloved hand can resist a cut from a chainsaw running at 3140 ft/min.  
  • Usage of Goatskin & Elasticized Velcro: Endura uses goatskin in its design to give your palms room to breathe. Goatskin is not only water-repellent but is also resilient in nature.

    It is important that the cuffs around your wrists are enclosed so no debris or dirt gets inside your gloves to make you uncomfortable while working. That is why Endura has used Elasticized Velcro to ensure a snugged fit around your wrists.
  • Impact and Vibration Resistance: The design and material used ensure that your knuckles stay protected from impacts and your hands don’t waver while working due to the vibrations of the machine you are using.


  • Stylish Design: The attractive design of these gloves doesn’t make them look hideous and bulky. They are so fashionable that you can mistake them as some regular gloves.
  • Comfortable Wear: Kevlar and goatskin are not the only materials used in the production of these gloves, nylon and lycra fiber are two other materials that make these gloves a customer favorite. The nylon used in its design increases flexibility and keeps your hand dry because of its water-resisting nature.


The materials used to manufacture these gloves are of all sorts and each one of them enhances the character of these gloves. The level of cut resistance it provides is certified and fulfill all the safety standards. 

Echo Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves


  • Kevlar Layer: Echo gloves are double-layered with Kevlar at its back. This kind of design ensures that your hands are protected from cuts and rashes. Echo has emphasized so much on protecting the back of your hand as it is the most exposed part of your body when you work with a chainsaw or any sharp object.
  • Anti- Vibration Design: You can not afford to have a wavering hand while working with a chainsaw as it exposes your hand to countless dangers. That’s why a foam pad is included in their gloves by Echo to absorb the vibrations caused by the machine.
  • Use of Goatskin: It is noteworthy that both goatskin and Kevlar are the most common material used in the production of many protective gloves. Echo reinforced gloves are no exception as they use goatskin in its design for increased resilience and perfect grip. 


  • Perfect Fit: The flexibility of goatskin and durability of Kevlar makes these gloves a perfect fit for your hands. Furthermore, Elasticized Velcro is the kind of material that makes these gloves fit around your hand perfectly. 
  • Increased Durability: The material used in the production of these gloves isn’t the only thing ensuring its durability and steadfastness. Echo has reinforced knuckles and fingertips of their gloves to increase its durability.  


Durability and flexibility are two of the most sought-after traits in protective gloves, but one thing that should get equal attention is the fit of the gloves. They should hug your hand closely and must not slip while you work as it will interfere with it and increase the chances of an accident happening.

Vgo Chainsaw Work Gloves


  • Premium Goatskin Design: Vgo uses premium-quality goatskin to design the palm of its gloves. It gives your gloved palm a grainy and textured feeling that helps your hand perspire without feeling sweaty. 
  • Production Material: Apart from using goatskin in its production, Vgo has also used spandex in its overall production and design and ensured increased flexibility for the wearer.
  • Touch Screen Compatible: If you own a smartphone, you might know how hard it is to use them with your gloved hands. Such inconveniences are often observed in winter and during works that require workers to use protective gloves.

    Vgo has understood their customers’ needs and designed their gloves in such a way that they can use their touch-screen gadgets easily.  
  • Cut Resistance: Vgo has added extra fabric patches at the back of the left-hand glove to provide enhanced protection against cuts. The technology used to ensure this level of resistance is certified and fulfills the of EN381 – 7, class 0.


  • Increased Durability: The PVC used in its production offers an extra layer of textured protection for your hand, especially at its back. 
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Use of Neoprene on its knuckles helps the user in bending their finger easily. Spandex itself is famous for its snugness and litheness.
  • Fitted Wrists: Your gloves need to fit your wrists perfectly without causing any inconvenience while working with a chainsaw. To incorporate this necessary requirement in their design, Vgo has used Velcro as well as Neoprene in their design as well.


Vgo Chainsaw Work Gloves stand out among this list because of their compatibility with touch-screen gadgets. You don’t have to constantly remove your gloves to attend a call or reply to a text. 

Aside from this, the material used in its production is quite exceptional as it increases its durability and flexibility ten folds.

Bottom Line

Choosing a pair of protective gloves for themselves is something that people did on a whim before. They never felt the need to research or read reviews to judge their options. More info for chainsaw chains and chainsaw helmets, you can check out these guides to best pick for 2020.

This list not only recommends your top 5 best chainsaw gloves, but it also gives you an insight into how important it is to research before buying for a fruitful purchase.