How To Use And Operate A Chainsaw Safely

Using and operating a chainsaw is dangerous and strenuous. You must not be unaware of the fact that chainsaw is a powerful tool. It has led a number of people to the deathbed. No matter how professional you are, you always need to take up some safety precautions before and while using your chainsaw. It … Read more

How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw

Man has been using firewood as a source of fuel, since the dawn of civilization. Since the price of other fuels is continually rising, firewood has become one of the most available, and the cheapest energy source today. Moreover, the introduction of the wood furnace has made it even more popular. Some homeowners buy firewood … Read more

How to Use An Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Cutting tools gradually lose their sharpness with regular use, and the electric chainsaw is no exception. But if you have the sharpener, you can have the chainsaw’s teeth sharpened anytime you need to. If you are someone who frequently operates the electric chainsaw, you know that the electric chainsaw sharpener is an extremely useful tool. … Read more

How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar

Knowing how to measure a chainsaw bar becomes necessary when the chain on the chainsaw needs replacement. If you know the specifications, then you will not have to perform the measurement manually. However, in such situations where the user’s manual or the chain is lost, you will need to measure the chainsaw bar.  On rare … Read more

What Do The Numbers On A Chainsaw Chain Mean?

Chainsaws are manufactured in different forms and sizes, and each one has a specific purpose. That’s why chainsaws chains are also available in a wide variety. Buying a chainsaw can be a really long and hectic process but if you know exactly what you need a chainsaw for, then identifying a machine and machine parts … Read more

How To Clean A Chainsaw

Cleaning a chainsaw is important to keep it working efficiently for a long time. As you use your chainsaw, dust and wood chips can accumulate in its motor and other parts. This makes the motor turn hot really quick. Also, it restricts airflow and cooling performance.  If you do not give proper attention to its … Read more

How to Cut Down a Tree With a Chainsaw

We all are well aware of the fact that chainsaw is a powerful tool. It does heavy-duty jobs like cutting timber and trees down. If you are a professional arborist, your job would definitely require cutting down trees with a chainsaw. However, if you are a homemaker, you might find any tree nearby as danger … Read more